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​So you wanna get a little high...

​So you wanna get a little high...

High Heavan on Oct 2nd 2021

Pot. Mary Jane. The devil’s lettuce. A left handed cigarette. These are all names that we have heard for hemp and cannabis. Thanks to rapidly changing laws, these names are slowly losing the abhorrent stigma around them, and everyday use is becoming as common as sitting in line for your favorite morning coffee. As the use of cannabis becomes more widely accepted, it is imperative that we learn everything we can about it, so that way we can effectively teach others about hemp.

If you’re anything like me, the words Delta 8 , Delta 9 , and Delta 10 are not foreign terms. Chances are if you’re here though, you’re nothing like me and you are curious about these things. Welcome to the dark side friends…we’ve got edibles and adventures galore!

Delta 8, 9 and 10? What are those?

In short, there isn’t much of a difference between these. Delta 9 is in essence, THC that you get from the effects of smoking/vaping/consuming medical cannabis. Deltas 8 and 10, THCO and THCA are all cannabinoids that are legally derived from hemp, however they are all found (and can be derived from) cannabis as well. In the vast majority of states and at the federal level, Deltas 8 and 10 ARE completely legal. Deltas 8 and 10 are available in pretty much every form of modality you can think of.

I have severe chronic pain, am bipolar, and have severe anxiety. When I discovered cannabis helps with all these ailments, I was stoked! Suddenly I had a life again free of pain and intrusive thoughts. After a few moves across the US, I had found a great pain regimen to live my best life, but that solution to a lifelong problem was now illegal. Here is where Shwifty entered my life.

Wait, Shwifty? 

Shwifty Hemp Co. makes the most delicious edibles I have ever consumed. When I first heard about them, I became intrigued instantly. After explaining to the guys at the local vape shop what a rough time I was having pain wise, I was given a delicious brownie to try. Apprehensive, I asked them how much I should take. After explaining that I took synthetic THC from my doctor, they told me a half of the 100mg brownie would help ease some of the pain I was in. At the time I had a migraine that was going on day 4, so I was desperate to try anything to ease the discomfort I was in. First off, I immediately prepared myself to experience the familiar bitter aftertaste most edibles have. That terpene taste may attract some, but it is not my cup of tea. After biting into a Shwifty Brownie, I was floored. It was so gooey, and tasted a little bit like cherries, which was a huge bonus for me.

Because I hadn’t eaten in a few days (remember I had a migraine) the effects of the brownie took hold quickly. Shwifty Brownies taste like a cool winter’s night by a fire. Absolutely no bitter aftertaste!

So, how did it hold up?

The Shwifty Brownie provided a very deep body high for me. It wasn’t euphoric, it was more relaxing, like “Hey we’re not in pain anymore, let’s finally get some rest.” I was very ecstatic at the premise of finding something LEGAL that makes my pain manageable. Throughout the course of this blog series, I will be discussing Shwifty’s entire product line and the different effects each strain of their Delta 8 vape line has on someone like me, with all of these ailments. 

Okay so where do I start?

If you have never experienced Delta 8 THC, it is important that you start low and slow. For this reason, I recommend the brownie at first, as it is not as potent as some of the other edibles Shwifty offers, but it still gets the job done. Cut the brownie into fourths, and you effectively have 4 doses of Delta 8 at 25mg each. If you do not experience any relief, you may choose to take another quarter. Do NOT go beyond a half brownie within 6 hours if it is your first-time consuming THC. You can get these delightful brownies at the best part? They are on sale right now! ☺

Enjoy responsibly and happy trails friends - High Heavan